Our Productivity

Mining our own

Shovel Productivity

Truck Productivity

We pride ourselves on maintaining a results-driven culture. Since Amman has taken over the Batu Hijau mine, shovel and truck productivity has increased significantly (59% and 25% respectively) as per year 2020.

We achieve these results by having a workforce that is energetic, passionate and above all, safe. In every step of the mining process, safety is a top priority.

We always strive to improve safety within our workplace to ensure we send every employee home safely to their families at the end of every shift.

Our Capabilities


Our Processing team is split into 4 departments:

1. Operations Team

Manages the processing facility on a day-to-day basis. They are the frontline team for processing and the eyes and ears of all that is happening around the clock.

2. Maintenance Team

In charge of maintaining all equipment and ensuring that it is in a suitable condition for safe and efficient operations.

3. Metallurgical Team

Provides all key parameters and KPIs for the Operations team to maximize the efficiency of the plant and achieve the best possible outcome.

4. Laboratory Team

Examines the quality of our processing. They are a key link between the Operations and Metallurgical teams.

We are constantly trying to improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of our processing through regular machinery updates and routine shutdowns.

We examine different practices in the processing philosophy to find out which are best, so we can constantly improve our results and minimize our losses. It is our goal to continuously improve our copper recovery rates.