Mineral ores that have been excavated and transported in the mining process, are shipped to the crusher, and carried by the conveyor belt to the processing plant facility. Some of the stages of the process in the processing plant include:




After being crushed, the ore is refined to a suitable size for an optimal separation process.

It is a process of separating copper minerals from rocks, through the medium of water and air bubbles to produce concentrate liquid.

The process of separating water from the concentrate liquid produces the final product in the form of concentrated sand. The separated water is then used again for activities in the processing plant.


With the growth of Batu Hijau’s Phase 8 and the excavation of ore from the Elang project in the future, the amount of ores that are being processed will experience a significant increase. Therefore, AMNT started a project to expand the processing plant in Batu Hijau to twice its original capacity. This expansion is also in line with the need for copper concentrate inputs for smelter facilities, which is 900 kilotons per year.