AMMAN inspires all employees to continue to promote a series of core values ​​that form the corporate culture. Excellence is one of the core values ​​that illustrates the enthusiasm of all employees to relentlessly pursue the best quality in all things. AMMAN also encourages all employees to use creativity, innovation, and various resources to welcome changes and opportunities, overcome challenges, create breakthrough solutions, and produce significant results. This effort is carried out by establishing collaboration, personal relations, and open communications to achieve extraordinary results. Everyone is part of the solution. Join the AMMAN community.


AMMAN always appreciates and pays attention to every talent the company has. Investments made to develop professional staff in the company are as significant as other business aspects. This investment includes the time and costs to empower all employees and help them increase their capacity so they can make changes and become future leaders.


AMMAN initiated an employee satisfaction survey conducted by an independent consultant in September 2022. The survey analyzes several dimensions, including career development, living conditions at the site, work culture, integrity and code of conduct, leaders’ effectiveness, and other aspects. From the results of this independent survey, AMMAN’s employee engagement score is 89. Compared to global standards (76) and Indonesia (81), AMMAN has a better engagement rate, with a survey participation rate of 79%. Through the survey, the company also received various inputs from employees regarding things that needed improvement. By doing so, AMMAN continues to strive to listen to the aspirations of all employees so that the company can create a comfortable and safe working and living area with the AMMAN community.