West Sumbawa KSB, 30 June 2022 – PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMMAN) has donated 400 clean water filters and related equipment to thirteen villages in Sekongkang, Maluk, and Jereweh districts in the West Sumbawa regency (KSB). This was a continuation of the Clean Water with AMMAN program launched in April 2022 with the distribution of 200 water filters in three villages adjacent to the AMMAN operational area in Batu Hijau.

Clean Water with AMMAN is a corporate social responsibility program designed to ensure the basic human right of access to clean water. AMMAN Head of Social Impact Priyo Pramono said, “There is a close relationship between clean-water consumption and community welfare and development. By providing clean water and implementing a culture of healthy living, public health risks will be reduced, especially for children under five years of age. The risk of stunting is very high for children who do not have access to clean water. If public health is maintained and children are able to grow and develop well, the higher the chances for the community to become more prosperous. So far, the program, which has only recently been implemented, has reached more than 1,200 households in the three sub-districts. Data related to the use and changes in the impact of the use of air filters will continue to be monitored together with the KSB local government, with big aspirations to contribute to reducing stunting rates. This is one of AMMAN’s hopes to create the best legacy for future generations.”

At the national level, the Indonesian government is targeting the stunting prevalence rate to fall to 14% by 2024. Based on the results of a 2021 Ministry of Health survey, the stunting prevalence rate in Indonesia is 24.4%. Therefore, close cooperation is needed between the government, private sector, and non-profit organizations to achieve this target.

In implementing this second phase of the program, AMMAN again collaborated with implementing partner WavesforWater, an American non-profit organization, to provide technology and equipment for water filters. During the launch of this program, Executive Director of WavesforWater, Christian Troy, trained villagers to install and use the filters to produce potable water. AMMAN Volunteers, a group of employees and business partners, also attended this training in order to foster stronger employee involvement in the company’s social programs.

“The water filter distributed today is equipped with a 0.1-micron membrane that can filter out most of the bacteria and other harmful substances to produce water fit for consumption. To date, WavesforWater has helped solve clean water problems in 48 countries and has had a positive impact on more than 3,000,000 residents,” explained Christian.

Tests performed by the AMMAN laboratory show that the filtered water meets the quality requirements mandated by the Minister of Health Regulation no. 492 of 2010.