The Indonesian government has recorded excellent performance from the mining sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also applies at the provincial level, such as West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province. The Head of Regional Integrated Investment and Licensing Service Agency (DPMPTSP), Mohammad Rum, explained that the mining industry generated 50 percent of the province’s total investment in Q1/2020.

The mining sector has been one of the foundations of NTB’s economy. It has prevented a further economic decline in Q2/2020 as it grew at 47.78 percent. Without the mining industry’s contribution, NTB’s economic contraction could plunge deeper to 7.97 percent from the recorded 1.4 percent.

The primary contributor to the mining sector in NTB province is PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (Amman) Batu Hijau mine. As one of Indonesia’s largest copper and gold mining companies, Amman continues to excel during the pandemic, even when operating under strict health protocols. The company has improved its shovel productivity by up to 46 percent and truck productivity by up to 25 percent. The volume of electricity generated by its power plant is also the highest since 1999.

“The key to our excellent performance during the pandemic is our commitment to comply with the health protocols so that we can prevent the virus from spreading into the Batu Hijau site. We are very proud to see the agility and adaptability of our employees and business partners,” said Amman’s Head of Corporate Communications, Kartika Octaviana.

As part of the COVID-19 prevention protocols, all employees and business partners are required to undergo a 2-week self-quarantine at the company’s facilities. Amman has collaborated with several hotels in Mataram to arrange for quarantine facilities that are strictly controlled. This collaboration has also helped support the local tourism industry, which was hit severely by the pandemic.

Multiple COVID-19 screening tests are also done to ensure that everyone is healthy and free of COVID-19 before entering Batu Hijau site. With these measures, Amman has managed to keep its environment a safe place to work; thus, motivating people to contribute their best at work.