West Sumbawa, 28 June 2022 – PT Amman Mineral Industri (PT AMIN) met with West Sumbawa Regent, Dr. Ir. HW Musyafirin, MM. along with the  as well as the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (KSB Forkopimda) to deliver a progress report on the construction of the copper smelter adjacent to the Batu Hijau mine site on Tuesday (28/6) at the Graha Fitrah Building. Attendees included the PT AMIN Vice President Corporate Affairs of Aditya Mandala and representatives of PT PIL, PT KTI, and PT JGC Indonesia, contractors for the smelter and supporting facilities.

Vice President Corporate Affairs PT AMIN, Aditya Mandala reported that the construction of the work camp, which began in second quarter 2022 is on schedule.  “We plan to have the camp completed in October. Meanwhile, we are scheduled to begin construction of the smelter project in July 2022 with the installation of piles. Contractors are now on site, road construction has begun, and a concrete batching plant has been built. All essential equipment has been purchased with set delivery times. We requested the meeting with the KSB government and Forkopimda to discuss various issues related to construction, including labor recruitment, to ensure that all will be in accordance with applicable regulations. We are committed to complying with applicable regulations at both the central and regional levels, including placing high priority on the recruitment of local workers,” said Aditya. He also noted that added that the project progress verification metrics for January 2022 had reached 35.53% for the smelter and 39.67% for the precious metal refinery.

West Sumbawa Regent, Dr. Ir. HW Musyafirin, MM appreciated holding the meeting, which would assist the government in providing optimal support at all stages of project development. “We hope that this meeting can answer various questions in the minds of the community regarding the progress of the smelter project. The achievements of the camp construction stage and the smelter construction plan are tangible evidence of the company’s consistency and commitment in realizing this national strategic project. Regarding employment, in accordance with regulations in the KSB region, recruitment will be carried out through a one-door process. We have obtained data on the number of workers with what skills PT AMIN and contractors will require. Recruitment will be done incrementally. We urge the public to follow the development of information that will be submitted by the government and be prepared to follow the existing selection process, ” explained Musyafirin.

The company will recruit at least 1.200 workers from the area, a significant portion of the total workforce requirements. The demand for manpower will peak in the second year, then gradually decline until project completion.

“This meeting represents our commitment to continue to coordinate with the government and Forkopimda of West Sumbawa Regency, so that this project can be completed on target and bring a significant positive impact on the economy and local communities. We also expect government assistance in terms of guaranteeing consistency in regulations and licensing as well as outreach and education efforts to the local community so that the situation remains safe and conducive. With this support, we can complete this project in accordance with the government mandate,” Aditya concluded.