West Sumbawa, 18 April 2022 – PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMMAN) launched the “Clean Water with AMMAN” program at the Sekongkang Health Center in Kemuning, a village in the Sekongkang District, on 18 April 2022. The program provides water filters to support the availability of clean water for residents of West Sumbawa Regency (KSB).

AMMAN Head of Social Impact Priyo Pramono symbolically handed over the water filters to Kemuning Village Head Erman Maulana. Priyo stated that this program is a component of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives to support efforts to fulfill the basic human rights of nearby communities. “Availability of clean water is crucial to good health. Polluted water carries many diseases and can result in stunting in toddlers. We are targeting this program to help more than 200 families in Sekongkang and Maluk sub-districts,” said Priyo.

The Community-Based Total Sanitation (STBM) program illustrates the importance the West Sumbawa Regency Government places in improving access to clean water, including the management of household drinking water. Access to clean water is also a component of the Sustainable Development Goals/ SDGs.

West Sumbawa Regent Dr. Ir. HW Musyafirin, MM expressed the KSB Government’s appreciation for the AMMAN initiative to develop programs that directly impact the community. “In addition to carrying out medium- and long-term investments in human capital developmentthe “Clean Water with AMMAN” program is also very good because it can directly answer the community’s needs. The synergy between the private sector and the government is needed to expand the scale of basic-needs assistance for communities. With this program, AMMAN assists the government in continuing STBM, which has been successfully implemented and to expand the reach of clean water for the people of KSB. What is no less important is to continue this collaboration through counseling and monitoring to sustain the impact,” said Musyafirin.

AMMAN collaborated with the American organization Waves4Water to provide the technology and equipment for the water filters. At the launch event, Executive Director of Waves4Water Christian Troy personally demonstrated to Kemuning residents how to install the filters.

“The water filters distributed today are equipped with a 0.1-micron membrane that can filter out sufficient organic and inorganic contaminants to produce drinkable water. To date, Waves4Water has helped 48 countries to overcome their clean-water problems, impacting the lives of more than three million people,” explained Christian.

Data from the Ministry of Health in 2020 revealed that 40.8% of Indonesians obtain drinking water from groundwater sources, and 14.8% from shallow wells, both having contamination risk levels ranging from high to very high1. “By supporting the availability of clean water, we hope that there will be an improvement in public health, which will not only benefit this generation, but also the next. This is our effort to create the best legacy for the communities around our operational areas,” concluded Priyo.