Power Plant

Transitioning to Sustainable Energy Solutions

Mining and ore processing operations demand substantial electrical power. At AMNT, we are transitioning our power generation from coal and diesel fuel to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources to meet the increasing electricity needs for expanding ore processing and smelting operations.

Our new power plant facility, is currently under construction, will utilize natural gas—a cleaner energy source with reduced carbon emissions. Equipped with the most efficient gas turbines and advanced low-NOx technology, AMNT ensures compliance with the strictest environmental emission standards globally.

This transition underscores AMNT's commitment to decarbonization efforts, aligning with global initiatives for a cleaner economy amid rising demand for copper products.

Renewable Energy Integration

AMNT has integrated renewable energy for its operations. In June 2022, AMNT commissioned a 26.8 MWp ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant. This facility stands as the largest solar PV installation for mining operations in Indonesia. The success of the solar PV power plant is underscored by Sumbawa's high irradiation rate, making it well-suited for solar energy generation.
Transportation Facilities

Integrated Operation with Special Terminal

AMNT operations benefit significantly from the strategic presence of a specialized terminal featuring comprehensive and well-organized infrastructure. Situated in Benete Village, Maluk District, West Sumbawa Regency, this Special Terminal caters to various modes of sea and air transportation. It serves as a vital entry point for vessels transporting operational equipment, supplies, and concentrate carriers. Additionally, the terminal facilitates the transportation of employees to and from the nearest port on Lombok Island.
The terminal also supports air transportation operations, including seaplanes and helicopters, enhancing employee mobility. To ensure seamless mobility, hundreds of buses operate around the clock, transporting employees between home and work. Terminals and bus stops are strategically located across major operational and residential areas to facilitate efficient employee transit.

Prioritizing Employee Welfare

At AMMAN, our employees are at the heart of our success. We prioritize the welfare and well-being of our employees by implementing comprehensive programs and initiatives.

We maintain a strong commitment to ensuring a safe working environment through rigorous safety protocols and continuous training. We also promote employee health through wellness programs, access to healthcare services, and initiatives that support physical and mental well-being.

By prioritizing employee welfare, AMMAN ensures a motivated and engaged workforce, driving our continued success and growth.

Life at Batu Hijau

Our townsite is a flourishing, inclusive community that offers essential amenities to enhance the quality of life for residents. This includes camp and housing, sports and recreational facilities, schools, and healthcare services.

Two schools are available within Batu Hijau to educate the children of employees, providing a convenient and supportive learning environment. Additionally, a 24-hour clinic ensures routine healthcare services and handles medical emergencies promptly. Situated amidst lush greenery, the Batu Hijau Townsite incorporates eco-friendly technologies like solar energy for lighting.