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JORC Report 2023

Transform For a Better Future

AMNT operates the Batu Hijau mine, the second largest copper and gold mine in Indonesia and one of the world's top five copper-equivalent contained reserves.

Since acquiring the Batu Hijau mine in 2016, AMNT has pioneered a transformative journey focused on optimizing operations, enhancing productivity, and driving down costs. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond operational efficiency to encompass leading-edge environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. We have taken bold steps to elevate our ESG standards by implementing initiatives to improve tailings management, reduce waste, enhance water efficiency, and deploy sustainable energy solutions such as our new solar power plant.

At AMNT, we are not just mining; we are taking this journey of innovation and sustainability as we harness the full potential of our natural resources while setting new benchmarks for responsible mining practices.

Phase 7 and Beyond

Since acquiring the Batu Hijau mine in 2016, we have completed Phase 6 ore mining and are in the process of Phase 7 ore mining, which is expected to continue until 2024. In parallel, we restarted exploration and drilling efforts across our concession areas. By updating resource models and advancing exploration, we've successfully expanded our reserves by an impressive 460 million metric tons. This addition, known as Phase 8, extends our life-of-mine horizon and ensures sustainable ore production through 2030. Phase 8 is expected to produce ore from 2025 until 2030.

AMNT Capabilities

Exploration And Development

Enhance our resource potential and establish comprehensive development process

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Extract and transport ore by utilizing innovative methods to enhance productivity and efficiency

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Efficiently and responsibly extract valuable minerals from ore to produce concentrates

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Supporting Infrastructure

The power plant, port and transportation, as well as our townsite are three supporting infrastructures that are essential for our operation.
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