Driving Operational Excellence

We have implemented initiatives focused on improving safety, operational performance, revenue optimization, and cost reduction. Since acquiring these assets, we have successfully increased production while maintaining high standards of safety and environmental management.
As part of our optimization efforts, we have brought equipment rebuilds and restoration in-house instead of outsourcing to third parties. This change has significantly reduced engine rebuild times by approximately five to eight months and decreased total downtime by 83% between 2016 and 2022. In addition, we have undertaken substantial infrastructure refurbishment that has contributed to achieving record production levels. Continuous improvement remains a fundamental principle guiding our business operations.

Productivity Achievements

We uphold the core value of excellence, motivating all employees to consistently strive for excellence and quality in their work. We believe in achieving this through a spirit of Cooperation, fostering close interpersonal relationships and open communication to drive extraordinary results and mutual success. We emphasize that every individual plays a crucial role in finding solutions and contributing to our collective success. Through these values, AMNT has achieved remarkable new milestones, surpassing production records since the beginning of Batu Hijau mine operations.

Achieved highest P&H 4100 shovel monthly productivity in Jan 2022, averaging 7,522 tph from 4,462 tph in Jan 2018.


Haul truck productivity as of Sep 2023 for any set of distances.


Shift change time successfully reduced to 3.7 minutes in 2023, from previously 45 minutes in 2016.


Engines rebuild on-site at Batu Hijau took 2 weeks per engine in 2020 vs 9-12 months per engine by an external contractor in 2016.

Mining Phase

The Batu Hijau mine is currently in Phase 7 production until 2024. AMNT has started Phase 8 development in parallel, to extend the mining life of Batu Hijau beyond 2024.
Phase 1
1997 – 2003
Bottom Elevation
(Meter Above Sea Level / mRL)
+ 150 mRL
Phase 2
2003 – 2004
Bottom Elevation
(Meter Above Sea Level / mRL)
+ 60 mRL
Phase 3
2003 – 2006
Bottom Elevation
(Meter Above Sea Level / mRL)
- 75 mRL
Phase 4
2003 – 2009
Bottom Elevation
(Meter Above Sea Level / mRL)
- 150 mRL
Phase 5
2005 – 2012
Bottom Elevation
(Meter Above Sea Level / mRL)
- 180 mRL
Phase 6
2007 – 2017
Bottom Elevation
(Meter Above Sea Level / mRL)
- 315 mRL
Phase 7
2010 – 2024
Bottom Elevation
(Meter Above Sea Level / mRL)
- 420 mRL

Mining Process

Mine Planning
Strategic mine planning is key to optimizing operations and ensuring long-term sustainability. We focus on designing efficient mining sequences that prioritize ore recovery while minimizing environmental impact. Our approach involves continuous evaluation and adaptation of mining methods to enhance productivity and safety.
Drilling and Blasting
We leverage cutting-edge drilling technologies for precise hole placement, optimizing ore extraction. Our controlled blasting techniques prioritize safety and ore recovery by minimizing vibration and fragmentation.
Material Sampling
We adhere to rigorous sampling protocols to capture rock drilling powder samples accurately. Employing advanced analytical techniques, we assess material quality to determine the economic value of the ore.
We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to extract ore and materials from the earth, ensuring precise and controlled excavation. Our advanced loading machinery, such as shovels and haul trucks, efficiently transfers mined products for transportation and processing.
Fresh ore material with economic value is crushed in a crusher and sent to the processing plant via a conveyor belt to be processed into concentrate. Ore that cannot be processed due to limited processing capacity is sent to the stockpile area for further processing. Meanwhile, the overburden is sent to the waste dump area.