Batu Hijau Mine & Elang Project Reserves

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Billion Pounds
JORC Report 2021


Million Ounces
JORC Report 2021



The primary product of the Batu Hijau mine is copper concentrate, a material crucial to the functioning of the contemporary world. Electrical cables, digital device components, and even antibacterial surfaces in hospitals all contain significant amounts of copper. The transition from fossil fuels to green energy is already boosting global demand for copper.


Gold is a byproduct of copper mining, so AMMAN is also the second-largest gold producer in Indonesia. Resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, gold is a preferred material for jewelry, while its the superior heat and electric conductivity find extensive application in various industries, electronics, and medicine. Above all, gold is valuable in itself, a stable and secure repository of wealth since the dawn of civilization.



Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara

Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMNT) was established on 18 November 1986 to operate the mine, processing chain, and supporting facilities at Batu Hijau. AMNT has also explored the adjacent Elang project. AMNT commenced commercial operation in 2000.


Amman Mineral Integrasi

Amman Mineral Integrasi (AMIG) was established on 10 November 2017 to provide professional and technical personnel for the mining and support departments, as well as managing human resources. AMIG began commercial operation in 2018.


Amman Mineral Industri

Amman Mineral Industri (AMIN) was established on 24 March 2009 to build downstream processing and refining facilities. These facilities are still under construction and have yet to commence commercial operations.


Amman Nusa Propertindo

Amman Nusa Propertindo (ANP) was established on 30 September 2022 to provide financial and insurance services, develop real estate, and provide creative, entertainment, recreational, and residential facilities. ANP has yet to begin commercial operations.