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At AMMAN, we encourage all employees to embody our core values daily. Excellence fuels our commitment to achieving the highest quality standards. We promote creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness to navigate challenges, drive change, and deliver impactful outcomes. Through collaboration, strong relationships, and open communication, we consistently achieve extraordinary results.

Inclusive Working Environment

Our team is comprised of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, and we celebrate this diversity by valuing each person's unique contributions and experiences. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all team members and fostering an open environment where everyone can express themselves authentically and contribute to the collective success of our team.

We believe in challenging conventional norms because we understand that innovation thrives on a diversity of thoughts and perspectives.

Employees Training and Development

We highly value our talented employees. We invest in their professional development just as much as we do in other areas of our business. This investment encompasses both time and resources, empowering our team to grow and evolve into future leaders capable of driving positive change.

Beautiful Surroundings

The Batu Hijau Mine sits on Sumbawa Island, known for its stunning beaches and prime surfing spots in Indonesia. The island boasts expansive white sandy beaches, vibrant tropical forests, majestic waterfalls, and towering volcanic peaks. To the west lie the popular tourist hubs of Lombok and Bali, while to the east are the enchanting islands of Komodo, Flores, and Sumba, renowned for their natural beauty and distinct cultural traditions.

Prioritizing Employee Satisfaction

In 2023, AMMAN conducted an Employee Engagement Survey administered by an independent third party to assess employee satisfaction across various work-related aspects. Our score of 89 exceeded both global and national benchmarks, underscoring our dedication to employee well-being and organizational excellence. This initiative not only demonstrates AMMAN's commitment to its employees but also offers valuable insights to guide continuous improvement efforts.

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