Managing Resource

‘Managing Resource’ represents AMMAN’s commitment to improving the efficiency of its natural resource utilization throughout the different stages of operations. This also includes AMMAN’s efforts in ensuring sustainable and responsible mine closures. 

Energy is a critical resource essential to operations, and AMMAN is determined to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing programs and initiatives to improve energy efficiency. In addition, AMMAN prioritizes responsible water management practices to ensure that the company minimizes water consumption and reduces the impact on water resources. Amman Mineral also responsibly manages waste and hazardous materials, adopting best practices to minimize their environmental impact and ensure safe handling and disposal. Finally, AMMAN plans for sustainable mine closure, recognizing the responsibility to restore the land and support the long-term well-being of local communities after the closure of its operations.

Upholding Ethics

‘Upholding Ethics’ is a critical aspect of AMMAN’s commitment to ethically, responsibly, and transparently operating the business. The company is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of operations.

Through AMMAN’s corporate governance, compliance, and transparency, it strives to maintain an ethical, transparent, and accountable corporate culture. AMMAN implements policies and procedures that support ethical conduct and regularly reviews and updates its corporate governance practices and risk management processes to ensure that they align with best practices. 

AMMAN’s stakeholders and entities within its value chain significantly impact the business. Therefore, through AMMAN’s stakeholder and supply chain management initiatives, the company engages with them openly and transparently to ensure that they implement and uphold the same standards and principles that the company does.

AMMAN believes that upholding high ethical standards can build trust with stakeholders and drive continuous improvement in operations.