AMMAN and Surfer Rizal Tandjung Collaborate to Boost West Sumbawa Marine Tourism

AMMAN and Surfer Rizal Tandjung Collaborate to Boost West Sumbawa Marine Tourism
West Sumbawa, 4 June 2024 - The expansive beaches adorned with fine white sand, crystal-clear blue sea, and challenging waves have turned West Sumbawa (KSB) into a paradise for marine tourism enthusiasts. This incredible potential has captured the attention of AMMAN, one of the largest copper-and-gold mining companies in Indonesia, and Rizal Tandjung, an Indonesian professional surfer.
Through the “Blue Program,” AMMAN raises community awareness about the importance of conserving beaches and the sea, encourages social interaction and cultural exchange, and broadens the understanding of diversity.
Blue Program: Gateway to the Development of KSB Marine Tourism
“AMMAN launched the Blue Program in 2023 as part of the Community Empowerment and Development Program (PPM) to pave the way for economic progress by developing the potential for marine tourism in West Sumbawa. The program aims to enhance local knowledge and skills in water sports, particularly surfing, and create new economic opportunities for the community through training in tourism business management and local product development, as well as the importance of preserving beaches and the sea,” said Priyo Pramono, AMMAN Vice President of Social Impact.
The Blue Program rests on four main interrelated pillars. The first is education and capacity building, which includes instructions on marine awareness and water safety, training and certification for surf instructors and coaches, and skill-building in organizational management, finance, and business development for local surf clubs. The second pillar involves organizational development, such as providing support and training for local surf clubs, strategic planning and business development assistance, and access to networks and opportunities.
The third pillar focuses on providing equipment, including surfboards for trainers and beginners and boards for offshore rescue. The fourth pillar is improving access to marine attractions, such as providing maps, access roads, and shuttle buses for surfers.
AMMAN conducts the Blue Program in partnership with the Indonesian Surfing Association (PSOI), Waves for Water, the Asian Surf Co, the Badung Lifeguard Association, Rip Curl School of Surf Bali, local communities, and professional surfer Rizal Tandjung, who serves as the program facilitator.
Rizal Tandjung: From Surfer to Driving Force of Progress
Rizal Tandjung’s love for water and waves has taken him to beaches throughout Indonesia and abroad, opening his eyes to the extraordinary marine potential of West Sumbawa.
“The waves in West Sumbawa are among the best in the world. The wave we call ‘Supersucks’ attracts many surfers,” said Rizal Tandjung. “I believe ‘waves are gold’ for West Sumbawa, and we all need to help steer this region towards a bright future,” he added.
After more than 40 years riding the waves, Rizal is driven to share the positive impact surfing has made on his life by helping to improve the West Sumbawa economy, society, and culture and elevating the region’s profile, both nationally and internationally by promoting the potential for marine tourism.
Rizal notes that apart from the pristine state of tourism in KSB, the community welcomes and is eager to develop its tourism potential. They warmly welcome domestic and foreign tourists to vacation in their region, providing them with economic benefits and allowing them to take pride in the natural beauty of their area.
Impact of the Blue Program on the Community
Through the Blue Program, the local surfer community rapidly develops and sees talented young surfers emerge. Rizky Karunia from Sekongkang was the runner-up in the recent Lantis International Surfing Championship in Lombok. The program also provides new economic opportunities through training in tourism business management and the development of local products. Participation in professional surf instructor certification programs has boosted incomes for West Sumbawa surf instructors by more than 30 percent.
“The Blue Program exemplifies the collaboration between the company, the community, and non-profit organizations in developing the marine tourism potential in KSB. The program improves community welfare and conserves the natural beauty of the beaches and the sea for future generations. We hope to conduct more outreach and collaborations related to the Blue Program to advance KSB,” Priyo concluded.
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