AMMAN and West Sumbawa Regency Government Join Forces for Sustainable Waste Management

AMMAN and West Sumbawa Regency Government Join Forces for Sustainable Waste Management

West Sumbawa, 29 March 2024 — Environmental awareness begins with education. One way to instill environmental consciousness in the coming generations is to teach students about waste sorting from an early age.

This is precisely what PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (“AMMAN“), one of the largest copper and gold mining companies in Indonesia, is doing through the ‘School Waste Management Program’ (PPSS). This program provides teachers and students with knowledge on processing organic and non-organic waste into compost, building composters to transform organic waste into compost, and using compost for school gardens. AMMAN has implemented the program in six schools in the Taliwang and Maluk areas, most recently on 9 March at SMPN 3 Taliwang.

The PPSS program aims to increase student and teacher awareness about the importance of waste management, reduce the volume of waste disposed of in final disposal sites (TPA), improve the quality of the school environment, and foster an entrepreneurial spirit among students. On the other hand, the ‘Community-based Waste’ program aims to increase waste’s economic value, increase local communities’ income, and preserve the environment.

As a continuation of the PPSS program, AMMAN and the West Sumbawa Regency Government (KSB) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Waste Management to encourage the development and implementation of a sustainable waste management system. The signing was carried out by the Regent of KSB, Dr. Ir. H. W. Musyafirin, and Vice President of Social Impact AMMAN, Priyo Pramono, at the KSB Regent’s Office.

The Regent of KSB, H.W. Musyafirin, welcomed this collaboration. “The KSB Government highly appreciates AMMAN’s commitment to waste management at KSB. This collaboration is expected to increase waste management’s effectiveness and efficiency and public awareness about the importance of environmental preservation,” he said.

In addition to promoting the development and implementation of a sustainable and environmentally friendly waste-management system, the MoU includes measures to increase public awareness of the importance of good waste management, strengthen institutional capacity and human resources in waste management, and develop innovative waste management programs and activities.

“AMMAN is committed to supporting the KSB Government in realizing sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management. This MoU lays the foundation for broader and more focused cooperation in waste management in KSB as part of our efforts to create a legacy of best,” concluded Priyo Pramono, Vice President of Social Impact at AMMAN.

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