AMMAN Recognized as Largest Taxpayer in Sumbawa Besar and West Sumbawa

AMMAN Recognized as Largest Taxpayer in Sumbawa Besar and West Sumbawa

Sumbawa Besar, 20 March 2024 – The Indonesian Directorate General of Taxes recently recognized AMMAN, one of the largest copper-and-gold-mining companies in Indonesia, as the largest contributor to government revenue in the districts of Sumbawa Besar and West Sumbawa, where the company operates the Batu Hijau mine. The Sumbawa Pratama Tax Office presented AMMAN subsidiary PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMNT) with an award for the Largest Corporate Taxpayer and recognized PT Amman Mineral Integration (AMIG) as the Best Corporate Taxpayer Supporting Tax Revenue.

These awards acknowledged AMMAN’s compliance in reporting and fulfilling their obligations and the significant value of tax payments during the 2023 tax year. The total contribution by AMNT represents almost half of the revenue target of KPP Pratama Sumbawa Besar for the 2023 tax year, placing AMNT first among the three largest taxpayers in the district. AMIG is recognized for its role as the first best tax-revenue advocate.

“We appreciate AMNT and AMIG’s commitment to complying with tax obligations. Their contribution is crucial in achieving our KPP Pratama Sumbawa Besar tax-revenue target. We hope that AMNT and AMIG can continue to be an example for other taxpayers in terms of tax compliance and reporting,” said Benny Santosa, Head of the KPP Pratama Sumbawa Besar tax office.

AMMAN Vice President of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Kartika Octaviana, stated that these awards demonstrate the company’s commitment to advancing the economy and improving community welfare.

“We appreciate these awards given to AMMAN. Support from our stakeholders is vital to maintain the commercial and operational continuity we need for long-term economic contributions,” said Kartika.

Taxes are essential to finance development and social welfare. Clarity and transparency in tax laws help create a conducive business climate, eventually increasing state tax revenues.

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