Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force: Creating a Culture of Equity & Inclusion at AMMAN

Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force: Creating a Culture of Equity & Inclusion at AMMAN

West Sumbawa, 15 March 2024 – PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (“AMMAN”), one of Indonesia’s largest copper and gold mining companies, recently established the Sexual Violence Prevention and Handling Task Force (PPKS Task Force) for employees of the Batu Hijau mine. This initiative is a component of the company’s ongoing commitment to maintain a conducive, productive, safe, and comfortable working environment.

The PPKS Task Force, consisting of management and employee representatives, reflects AMMAN’s compliance with the Minister of Manpower Regulation 88 of 2023 regarding Guidelines for Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence in the Workplace and Statute 13 of 2003 regarding Employment.

Muhammad Akhwan, Head of Labor Supervision Development at the West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Labor and Transmigration Office, appreciated AMMAN’s efforts to uphold the mandate of the law and serve as a model for other companies in NTB to commit to protecting employees from sexual violence in the workplace.

“We highly appreciate AMMAN’s progressive step in becoming the first company in NTB to have a PPKS Task Force. This is a tangible example of the company’s commitment to protecting workers’ rights and creating a workplace free from sexual violence,” said Muhammad Akhwan.

In addition, the involvement of female employees in the PPKS Task Force also reflects AMMAN’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. Women’s prominent presence on the task force aligns with ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ the International Women’s Day 2024 theme. This theme celebrates differences, equality, and the importance of diversity in all aspects of society, including the workplace.

“At AMMAN, our employees are the company’s most valuable asset in our efforts to create a legacy of best. AMMAN believes that an equitable, safe, and comfortable work environment is crucial to helping employees reach their full potential,” said Kartika Octaviana, AMMAN Vice President of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations.

The PPKS Task Force carries the responsibility of developing and implementing programs related to the prevention of and response to sexual violence cases in the workplace. The task force will investigate complaints of sexual harassment or violence and provide resolution and assistance to victims.

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