AMMAN Bolsters Energy Efficiency Practices

AMMAN Bolsters Energy Efficiency Practices
As the global call for environmental sustainability grows louder, AMMAN, one of Indonesia’s largest copper and gold mining companies, has positioned itself at the forefront of energy innovation within the mining industry. In a notable move, AMMAN is embracing renewable energy and reshaping its operation around responsible practices.

Following a comprehensive energy audit at the Batu Hijau mine in Sumbawa, Indonesia, in 2022, AMMAN has embarked on a series of initiatives to bolster its energy efficiency and minimize its environmental footprint. The evaluation showed that AMMAN could achieve energy efficiency by optimizing the solar PV power plant and installing additional lower-carbon power generation. The construction of a 450 MW combined cycle power plant (CCPP) with liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel reflects AMMAN’s commitment to this transition.

To promote responsible power consumption, AMMAN reduced the load on power plants with several strategic enhancements, including adopting LED lighting, which drastically reduces the energy consumption of the old-style mercury and sodium vapor lamps from 2000W to an impressive 500W without compromising lighting quality. Furthermore, the company has optimized the process operating variables to increase thermal efficiency, and to minimize the fraction of unburned coal during combustion. These measures collectively contribute to a significant decrease in energy demands, showcasing AMMAN’s commitment to energy conservation.

The introduction of a closed cooling system in the steam power generation plant is another testament to AMMAN’s innovative approach, allowing a reduction in the number of pumps required for operations. AMMAN aims to enhance its operational efficiency and set a precedent for industry-wide responsible mining practices through these targeted actions.

Set to commence operations in 2025, the CCPP and LNG terminal are anticipated to be game changers for AMMAN, supporting expansion projects while significantly reducing the environmental impact associated with current power generation. These efforts articulate AMMAN’s dedication to sustainable development and exemplify the transformative potential of renewable energy, and lower-carbon transition within the mining sector.

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