AMMAN Receives Award from Large Taxpayers Tax Offices

AMMAN Receives Award from Large Taxpayers Tax Offices
Jakarta, 8 July 2024 - PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMMAN), one of Indonesia's largest copper and gold mining companies, recently received the highest recognition from the Large Taxpayer Tax Office at the 2024 Taxpayer Awards, organized by the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) Large Taxpayers Regional Office.

The 2024 Taxpayer Awards, themed ‘Fulfilling the Promise of the Founders of the Republic,’ acknowledge taxpayers' contributions to meeting state revenue goals. This award is given to companies that demonstrate both formal and material compliance with tax obligations, including timely submission of annual tax returns (SPT) and significant contributions to state tax revenues.

“This award is a tangible form of appreciation for taxpayers,” said Yunirwansyah, Head of the DGT Large Taxpayers Regional Office. “Aligned with the theme 'Fulfilling the Promise of the Founders of the Republic,' we hope this event translates into operational efforts towards an independent, united, sovereign, just, and prosperous nation through sustainable, measurable, and structured government revenue.”

“This award is clear proof of AMMAN's commitment to contributing to the economy as a taxpayer,” said Kartika Octaviana, Vice President of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at AMMAN. “We express our gratitude for the services and support provided by the Large Taxpayers Regional Office in fulfilling our tax rights and obligations.”

AMMAN believes the mining industry is crucial for driving national economic growth. The company is dedicated to sustainable and responsible business practices, particularly in meeting its tax obligations.
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