Precious Resource


Batu Hijau’s main product is copper concentrate, a valuable material that powers our modern world. The electrical wiring in our homes, the cables and components in our technology, the anti-bacterial surfaces in our hospitals—copper is everywhere, and as we integrate more technology into our lives, demand for recyclable copper will only continue to increase.

Our Role

Leaving a
legacy of best

Any organization is only as strong as the people that surround it. That is why, at Batu Hijau, we work to leave a lasting legacy of best for Indonesia, by fostering the careers of Indonesia’s workforce, protecting the local environment and working to inspire positive and sustainable change for surrounding communities. So that when Batu Hijau succeeds, Indonesia succeeds, too.

Our Process

How do we do it?

Mining & processing

At Amman we process our own Copper ore, read more on how we do this and the team that make it happen.

Supporting facilities

Read more about the fleet of transport vehicles and our very own power plant to support operations.

Life with Amman

Read more about our 200 hectare townsite home to 4,000 workers and their families.